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Related post: Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2001 23:40:12 -0500 From: Boy Interrupted5 Subject: Rainbow PrideHey guys. Boyinterrupted of GTHQ here. ( sandra teenmodel naked ) ...this is my bree model first 3rd person attempt; I'm hoping it goes over well. Email me with any comments at and SIGN MY GUESTBOOK at I look forward to hearing from you. Any comments are welcome. __________________Rainbow Pride The Beginning __________________NOTE: As you read throughout the story remember that KYLE is nicknamed JYNX, so they are the same person....Doug was already tired models fotos pornos of his school, his classmates, and his life. As a high school dolly model torrent freshman, Doug was bikinis models brazilian cute, popular, and already destined best nude models to be preeten model a heartbreaker. His modelos babes secret, however, could destroy that destiny forever. Doug was gay, and definitely not proud of it. Not a day went by that he didn't want to harm himself. As 30 model tower with many other young boys discovering they are homosexual, Doug found it very hard to accept. personal nn model He teen model shiori wished he could be attracted to his model railroad lights girlfriend, Kathleen, and live the rest of his life as a straight man. Other plans had been laid out in front of him though.Two years ago, Doug discovered how wonderful masturbation felt. Though he told his friends he didn't do it because it was gross, Doug did it more often that any of them. He was more ashamed female teen modelling by how he jacked off summer model than the act itself. Doug found himself thinking about his fellow male schoolmates, and now that his family bought a teen model nadya computer, he would look at holly model pics gay websites. Every time Doug climaxes, a feeling of self-disgust fills him, as he sits and wonders why he can't do it thinking about a girl...Doug got himself up for school; he always had electric model airplane a hard time on Mondays. He made it to the bus stop just in time. Kathleen was there, waiting for him as usual. Doug wondered what she saw in him; besides the fact he was cute.You see, Doug wasn't conceited in the least; he just goes by what others say. He always hated conceited people, and he would never want anyone to think he was. Since that was the case, Doug stayed to himself. His friends at school macie teen model always urged him to "open up" a little. Doug wasn't interested in all the pot filled weekends many of his buautiful tiny models friends had, therefore he didn't want any part of their version of "opening up."Doug got on the bus and sat next to Kathleen. He wondered when the right time to break up with her would be. She was a nice person, but there was no attraction whatsoever on Doug's part. He'd played it through his head a million times."Maybe this one will be different." young natural models He says to himself each time a new girlfriend comes along. Though he knows it won't, he holds on to the concept for dear life.As Doug gets to russian models tgp the school entrance, he rolls his eyes thinking about how much torture the day would bring.He would walk down the hall and smiled though, just like every other morning this year. Everyone expected it. If he didn't, the modelnonuderussian whole balance of high school social cliques would be sexy older model out of whack. Doug was a friend with everyone; therefore if he didn't smile at one person yo model teen or group of friends, they might think romanian child models something was wrong preeteen model gallery and that would make matters worse.Doug did like a couple guys at school though, but asking them out could mean being models video nude the outsider from that moment on. He always had his eye on Jeremy Hishire. Doug was constantly staring at him, but he never got the feeling Jeremy liked him.The last time Doug went on a date with a guy, he turned out to be a big loser and free cam models tried to take advantage of the situation. Ever since that day Doug promised himself he would not date a guy unless he knew him first. Not to mention he felt weird dating guys in the first place. Where Doug lived, almost everyone knew everyone one way or another and there was always that slight chance of binaries youth model it getting back to his parents or friends.The school day models top pretten was going by slowly, just like always, and Doug was sitting in the last class of the day wondering if it would ever end.He was planning on going to the mall and hit a few games in the arcade once school was over. His Mom also gave him a few bucks to buy a new outfit. Doug liked to fabi teen model shop at Pacific Sun, or Hot Topic. Those are the type of stores where you technically are prep, but try and deny it. Doug didn't like pop music too much though. His favorite band was Incubus, filipino models and his favorite musician was Gwen Stefani, from No Doubt. In order to hide tasha model bikini his homosexuality he placed numerous posters of her in his bedroom.The bell for last hour finally sounded and Doug made his way to his locker and was stopped goodman model aruf182416ba a few times with offers to go out with erin connor model some friends of his. He turned them down and said he had stuff to do this afternoon.Although he was a freshman, Doug's locker was in the senior hallway. He switched with one of his senior friends because the locations would work out better for the both of them.He saw his girlfriend coming from the other direction and purposely avoided her so he didn't have to listen to her gripe and moan about all the problems she encountered throughout the day. He had enough to worry about without listening to her."I've got to vietnamese nude model get rid of that bitch." He thought to himself.Doug made his way to bus erotic models naked yo models route 9, and waited for to it to load up before taking off towards town. He was home 20 minutes later fixing his hair before leaving for the Mall and Arcade.He walked, which took about a half hour. He didn't want to ask for a ride because then he'd have someone tagging along and it was still too cold to ride his bike."Could I please get change for this ten?" Doug asked the man at the counter. He only had a few quarters at home, so he brought some cash to trade in."Here you go." The man said as Doug took teen model picturs the change and put it in a zip lock baggie.He walked over to a game and plopped in a model sex com couple quarters. There were few other people in the arcade at the moment. There would probably be more in about an hour."Hey Doug." nice youn models Maurice said coming up next to him."Hey laurie model man, what you doing here?" Doug asked."Juts brought my cousin by. He just moved here last week. He's an 8th grader, so I thought I'd bring him here to meet some of my friends since I can't at school."Why is he standing over there?" Doug said looking over towards the corner of the arcade where the models russian preten boy was standing all by himself."That boy is pretty cute." Doug thought to himself."What's your cousins name?" Doug asked Maurice."His Name is Kyle, but everyone calls him Jynx." Nude french models Maurice replied."Jynx?" Doug said inquisitively."Don't ask. It's just a nickname he got.""OK." Doug replied."Well, call him over here, I hate to see a guy all by himself." Doug said.Maurice went girl model newstar over and told Kyle that his friend wanted to meet him. Doug was standing in awe as automobile models 1930s he watched this boy come towards him."Hey man, people call me Jynx, sorry I was standing over there all by myself dude. I'm just not used to all these places." Kyle said catching Doug off guard."Hey dude, well you're welcome here anytime." infoseek models girl Doug said trying to cover up the obvious gaze he had on Kyle.Jynx, as he was called, had a slight resemblance to Maurice. He was much younger looking with qvc models smoother features, however. He stood the same height as Doug, though he was a year younger. He had dark brown model dolls tgp hair and models teen nude hazel eyes.Doug had to squeeze 3d models incest his legs together to prevent anyone from seeing teem models asian his approval of Jynx's looks."Hey, after I use all these quarters, you guys want to come over to my house and hang out for awhile?" Doug asked."Well, I can't. I have to get to work, but if Kyle wants to, he's more than welcome to as long as you get him in teen model updates time." Maurice littlenadia model stated."I'm sure I could find my own way home cuz." Kyle said to Maurice."Well, I still don't want you getting lost, so Doug can walk you home." Maurice said."Yeah, that's no prob at all." Doug said with excitement. He was glad that Kyle would be able to femjoy teen models come over, and better still by himself.Doug and Kyle started on their way to Doug's house. He had purposely lost the last of his quarters so they could get back sooner.Jynx was really quiet and walked a few poorman bikini models paces behind Doug. Even when Doug slowed down and young models toplists tried model management topless to let him catch up, he was slack off behind again.They made it to Doug's place and Doug showed him around. He really needed to take a leak so he told Jynx he would be back in a couple of minutes.After Doug left the room, Jynx looked around and seen a drawer with the words "keep out" on prteen model nonude it. superchild models pics If Jynx had just one flaw, it would be that he was too curious. He walked over to the drawer and opened it up slowly. There was very little inside the drawer. Only a few notes Doug either wrote or received and a notebook with JOURNAL in big letters at the top.Jynx picked up the notebook and opened it to the front cover. Inside was a little rainbow flag model zhenya blog with the words "Rainbow Pride" written underneath it."Rainbow pride, huh." Jynx said to himself.A few moments later, Doug sexy child modell came back in the room, and Jynx was propped up against the wall as if he were there the entire time Doug was gone."So, did you have anything you wanted to do in mind?" Doug asked Kyle, trying to end the silence."Hmm," Jynx said, "How about truth nrw teen models or dare?""With just the two of us, wouldn't that be kind of boring?" Doug asked."Doesn't have to be." Jynx said with a smirk."Well, that sounds cool. You pick first, truth or dare?" Doug asked."Truth.""OK, uhmm...Why did your family move here?" Doug asked."I guess just so we could be closer to our family. black cock models My Dad got a job with Maurice's dad at the factory.""Oh, that's good." Doug said."Yup, so your turn. Truth or Dare?" Kyle asked."Truth.""OK. I got one. What's one thing you keep as a secret that pantie model japan no one else knows?" Kyle asked trying to get Doug to open up and admit what he had found out."Well, this is sort of embarrassing, but sometimes I wear regular underwear and boxers at the same time." Doug answered."Hehe, that is weird, why do you do it?" Jynx inquired."Hey, one question at a free child supermodels time here. Truth or little topmodels Dare?" Doug said smiling."OK, Dare. I'll do ANYTHING." Jynx said."ANYthing?" Doug asked again wondering exactly what anything was.""...Anything." Jynx said readjusting his crotch.Doug sat in his chair and his heart started pounding really fast. He thought he knew what Jynx meant by what he lola models portal was saying and doing, but he was really nervous. He wanted to let Jynx know he felt the same."Same goes with me." Doug managed to say."Good, so what's your dare?" Jynx said rubbing his crotch again."I dare you to take off your shirt and pants, NOT your boxers."Before Doug had finished Jynx tore off his shirt top petite model and started for his pants.Doug was amazed at how toned Jynx's body was for an eight grader. Even being a year older than Jynx, Doug had nowhere near the body brick fireplace remodeling Jynx had. Jynx had a slight six pack and japanese models nude muscular shoulders, whereas Doug had a smooth flat stomach, and skinnier arms."OK, Truth or Dare?" Jynx asked."Dare""OK, I want you to take off your shirt and amelia child model pants too...AND then come over here and kiss me."Doug started to take off his shirt, but remembered that the door wasn't locked. He locked the door and then proceeded newest teen models to go through victoria teenmodel with his dare. He was down to his boxers (with regular underwear underneath them) and slowly started to walk over to Jynx.Jynx stood up and met Doug half way. He put his arms sub teen models on each of Doug's hips and cute girls models looked him in the eyes."I saw your pussy models 7yo Rainbow Flag and "Rainbow Pride" written underneath it. I young supermodel galleries think moving here was the best thing my family ever did."Jynx moved in closer. Doug could feel his breath on his own lips now."I think it was a alexandra model de good thing too." Doug said closing his eyes.Kyle's lips lightly brushed Doug's sandra model message and shivers went down both of there bodies."Just so you know Jynx, you don't need to dare me to do this." Doug whispered still keeping his eyes closed."I know." Jynx said brushing his lips against Doug's again."I think you better finish your dare." Jynx said.Doug drew his lips yet closer to Jynx's. Both of them opened their mouths, top lip to top lip, bottom to bottom. Doug brushed his tongue along Kyle's teeth. He let out a deep breath through his nose model nude public as he felt Doug's hands reach around onto his back and pull him in closer for a deep passionate kiss. Jynx opened his mouth, as Doug teen models clips did too, and they both explored each other's mouths.Doug opened his eyes in the girl model russia middle of the kiss and noticed a small tear fall down from Jynx's left eye. He pulled away and looked at Kyle into the eyes. More tears were welling up."Jynx, what's wrong. Did I do something wrong?" Doug asked."No, god no. child modeling bikini I never realized there could be such a cute guy that felt the same way I do about other guys, that's all." Jynx said."Well, I knew they were out there, I just didn't believe I'd ever see one around here." christina model nip Doug added.Doug and Kyle moved over to the bed. Looking at either of them would tell you exactly how uncomfortable they felt now that this wasn't just Truth or Dare anymore. Jynx grabbed his shirt and pants and put them back on. He looked up and smiled at Doug as he grabbed his clothes too.They both sat staring at their own laps for a few minutes, both of them anticipating what lena model nn would or wouldn't happen next."So, how did you wind up with the nickname Jynx?" Doug asked."It's the obvious reason. All my family members say things go wrong when I'm around, hehe.""Ha, yeah...probably could have been my nickname too." Doug said laughing."So, how's high school, I'm really nervous about going next year. Let alone that it's not the high school I thought I'd be going to." Jynx asked."It's alright, but there's a lot of hypocritical, back stabbing, rumor starting people there. I guess that's at every high school though. You would probably be better off asking your cousin that, at least he's been there two years." Doug answered."Yeah, that's sxy teen models cool. Do they really volv teen models flick pennies at the freshman like Maurice was telling me?" Jynx asked."Haha, well...It all depends on who your friends are. young international models If you are friends with popular sophomores, juniors, and seniors you are gonna get pretenn model nude a few. But it's nothing like Maurice is telling you I'm sure. I had the same shit from Maurice when I was going too." Doug said.The boys were starting to open up more, and just as soon as they really started to get 16yo teen model into some deep conversation, Doug's Mom got home from work and asked him to take imagevenue shannonmodel Jynx home so they could have dinner.Doug and Jynx walked motorcycle bikini models the short distance to Jynx's new house, which was in a new subdivision on young model art the edge of town. They said their 'goodbyes' and planned on meeting up again ASAP.Doug walked back home. The whole way home he had a smile on his face. The little time he spent with Jynx would replay in his mind a million times before he got to see him again and add to the memories. His first real that meant something more than just 'swapping tongue' was with a magnificent guy that had just moved teeny skirt models to his town. A cute, likeable guy, someone Doug never thought he would be able to find.Doug made it back to his house and ate young models veronika dinner with his Mother and Father. He went up to his room and took out his 'rainbow nonnude models list pride' journal.He opened up the front cover and inside was a sloppily written note......Doug, Hey it's Kyle (Jynx). I know we just met, but I just flipped through this bikini ebony model page and I seen you're a rainbow guy yourself. Well, I'm just letting you know I am too. I REALLY hope to get to know you more. Love, Jynx......Doug sat at his desk reading over the little note for an hour. He wanted to see Jynx so bad; he could feel his lips against his if he closed his eyes really hard and concentrated.It was getting late and Doug went to lie down on his bed to watch some TV. He turned off the lights and put Jynx's note next to his heart."God, this could wind dirty young models up being a great year." Doug thought to himself as he drifted to sleep, with Jynx as the last thing on his mind. __________________________________________________________________ Well, that would be chapter one of "Rainbow Pride." I hope you guys like it. I really worked hard on developing the plot on this one. I have many directions I would like to take it, but I'll narrow that down in the coming chapters. This is my third and final 'series' release at the moment. Blake's Love and What's Love Got model top50 To Do With It are my other two, which are posted here on nifty. Blake's Love somewhere in the High school section, and What's Love... somewhere in the college section. Thanks for taking the time to read my story. I hope you will email me at or sign my guestbook at Till next chapter, Boyinterrupted.
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